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"We first made contact with DMC after a great deal of frustration in trying to work with WHSCC ourselves. Although we had stayed on top of our claims and were in constant communication with the commission, we simply could not get past the many roadblocks. DMC’s assistance on these claims has been absolutely instrumental in achieving the ultimate outcome – claims that are now closed! It has been reassuring and such a relief knowing that we now have the full support, knowledge, and guidance required to properly manage and navigate through the very complicated system at WHSCC.We no longer feel at the mercy of the commission and can get back to managing our business. For this, we have immense gratitude and appreciation for DMC and would highly recommend DMC’s services to all companies. It is a necessary and worthwhile investment!"

- Connie Adams, Cablelync

"We have utilized various services of DMC over the years, and we are very pleased, not only with their level of professionalism, but with their results as well. We have attended training sessions, have used the WHSCC case management and appeal support services, and received support for our PRIME audits. We are very pleased with the services of Dallas and her team and strongly recommend them to other companies."

- Karen Brake, Human Resources Manager, Molson

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