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"Our relationship with DMC has spanned many years. In 2002, despite our company's sustained commitment to Disability Management, a review of key metrics indicated our in-house efforts had not yielded positive results. The decision to partner with DMC and to implement a shared ownership model has significantly impacted these metrics - our assessment rate has evidenced a 54% decrease and our 'lost time' is tightly controlled. Three years ago, we came to the realization that our management of sick leave was not at the same standard as our management of workplace injuries. Understanding that DMC’s expertise was transferable, we engaged them to manage that component of our business. This has created a consistency of approach to our management of both critical initiatives. This collaborative partnering between the team of highly trained DMC professionals and our company has reaped tremendous dividends."

- Janet Joyce, Director of Human Resources, Coleman’s

"Our workers’ compensation premiums were roaring out of control in 2001 and 2002 as we expanded our company through acquisitions. We had to contain the cost and reduce the premiums. We were advised to seek the assistance of DMC, owned by Dallas Mercer, who we decided to give the lead role in handling workers' compensation and occupational health & safety issues with a mandate to reduce our injuries and thus our cost. Dallas, in conjunction with our HR Manager, wrestled the out of control premiums back in order and reduced our workers' comp expense considerably. DMC continues to look after our workers’ comp and occupational health & safety issues and we are very pleased with the results. Dallas - Thank you."

- Phil Budden, CDL Holdings Ltd. (formerly Chester Dawe Limited)

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