About the DMC Team

Over a decade of results

In 2002, Dallas Mercer recognized the employer’s need for help to manage claim duration and escalating costs, and Dallas Mercer Consulting was founded. Initially, services were limited to Disability Management, but we soon expanded to include Occupational Health and Safety services – a critical component of the Disability Management side of business, as well as Industrial Hygiene services.

Over a decade later, we service more than 460 clients across Canada who all face similar challenges. No matter the size of the company, from small, privately owned companies to large Crown Corporations, we continue to demonstrate a consistent ability to improve client outcomes through the provision of disability and safety services. Due to this expansion across the country, our relevant experience in Occupational Health and Safety spans many jurisdictions, and includes a broad spectrum of safety and disability consulting services.

Currently, in addition to Disability Management and Occupational Health and Safety consulting, we offer competency-based Occupational Health and Safety training, Industrial Hygiene services, respirator fit testing, and ergonomic assessments. Our personnel are carefully chosen to ensure they possess not only the required skill set, but also that they understand our philosophy and are able to adapt to each client’s needs.

As our industry changes, we will continue to adapt and expand our services as necessary in order to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses, provide guidance to ensure you meet your legislative obligations, and to remain leaders in our respective field.

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