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Alcohol and Drug Testing

At DMC we offer a variety of drug and alcohol testing and are able to customize protocols to meet client needs. Drug & Alcohol Testing allows clients to meet the requirements for all regulated and non-regulated safety-sensitive employees. Our technicians are trained with the highest level of certification and we utilize premier software to deliver results directly to you. Not only are we able to provide on-site services, but also we are available after hours for 24/7 emergency testing.

Our drug and Alcohol testing services include:

• Express Urine Drug Testing (Basic or Custom Panels)
• Lab-Based Urine Drug Testing (Basic or Custom Panels)
• Oral Fluid Testing (Express or Lab-Based)
• Alcohol Breathalyzer

Supervisor Training for Reasonable Suspicion

DMC training provides an opportunity for discussion and a number of various scenarios to give participants an opportunity to put into practice the steps for handling reasonable suspicion situations. Our goal is to ensure your supervisors know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse in the workplace, and how to handle these situations. Upon completion supervisors will be equipped with the knowledge to confidently manage reasonable suspicion situations in keeping with your company’s Substance Abuse Prevention Policy.

Health and Wellness Programs

DMC offers a range of wellness services that give your employees easy access to education, assessments, and vaccinations. The result is a healthier, more engaged, and more productive team. Creating a healthy workplace is the right thing to do since it promotes employee well-being, as well as being good for your overall business. Companies with health and wellness programs have found that healthy employees are more productive, engaged and require less time away from work. DMC’s wellness initiatives are tailored to fit the needs of your company and your employees.



We can advise and provide adult immunizations for both occupational purposes such as specialized vaccines for those in working in high-risk areas (I.e. Tetanus, Influenza, and Twinrix).

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