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Success Stories

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We know we can find a solution to any of your current disability and safety issues. Contact us now to find out just how this can be done.


Oceanex: Jeremy McGrath: If we are unfortunate enough to suffer and injury in the workplace, or we have an injured worker we have DMC to kinda fall back on and help us navigate through the sea of information that is required in the claims management process. In my opinion, DMC are experts when it comes to case management.

Kent & White Insurance: Brian Schryer: Working with Dallas has been a big relief. As a business owner, I can concentrate on what my role really is. Overseeing the company and helping it grow and being able to handoff the disability management piece to DMC is really a big advantage to working with them. It was so reassuring working with an organization that felt the same amount of care for our employees as we do. From minute one of working with them, you can tell that they truly have a passion for what they do and they really really do care about the results that they come up with.

Coleman Group of Companies: Janet Joyce  DMC has been able to bring us the success we’ve had operating within our culture, so it doesn’t compromise our relationship and our interactions with our staff.  That has been the biggest win for us. 

Ocean Choice International: Martin Sullivan  We’ve been dealing with Dallas for 15 years, she’s been excellent to deal with, and we’ve started to do more services through Dallas in terms of Safety Management and Workers Compensation Management to increase safety on our vessels and our plants which is really important to what we do. 

MUN University: Shenee Young  I work with Maria from DMC and I enjoy working with Maria because she’s so energetic and she brings that each and every day. No challenge is too big.

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Tiffany Village Retirement Residence Partnership: Andrea Avery: I love working with DMC for many reasons, but primarily I will say because of their experience and their knowledge. Dallas herself is extremely knowledgable in this whole field, and she hires a team that works with her who is also just as knowledgable.


Mrs. Dunster’s Inc: Blair Hyslop: I’ve never seen an organization have the ability to hire consistently in terms of matching their employees with their culture.


DMC continually achieves substantial results on behalf of our clients as they manage and resolve workers’ compensation, Occupational Health and Safety issues, and Industrial Hygiene concerns. Working in numerous industries provides DMC with the insight to transfer best practices across industries so that all clients can benefit from positive initiatives.

DMC currently has over 550 clients across a variety of industries, which include:

  • Automotive Sales/Parts/Repairs
  • Breweries/Beverage Bottling
  • Call Centres
  • Carriers/Trucking
  • Construction
  • Dockyards
  • Factory Freezer Trawlers
  • Fast Food
  • Fish Processors
  • Fish Grading and Monitoring
  • Furniture Stores
  • Golf Courses/Resorts
  • Home Care
  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Industrial Electrical
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Oil and Gas & Related Support Industries
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Security
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Tankers and Supply Vessels
  • Wholesale/Retail