Frequently Asked

What industries does DMC work in?

We provide Disability Management, Occupational Health and Safety consulting and training, and Industrial Hygiene services to clients in a broad range of industries.

What are the benefits of hiring consultants instead of hiring in-house?

There are many benefits to outsourcing Disability Management, Occupational Health and Safety consultants, and Industrial Hygiene issues such as gaining access to specialized skills, enabling your personnel to focus on their core activities and creating internal efficiencies, and, perhaps most importantly, helping to lower costs and creating savings.

Do you provide short term and long term Occupational Health and Safety consulting services?

Yes, our Occupational Health and Safety consultants are available for both long and short term placements and have varied experience that benefits any organization.

Would we benefit from DMC managing our workers' compensation claims?

We conduct a free analysis of your workers’ compensation costs to determine whether our services can help your organization lower the costs of claims.

Do you represent workers?

No, we are strictly an organization that focuses on providing employers with the assistance to manage injury claims, Occupational Health and Safety issues and Industrial Hygiene concerns.

What does Disability Management mean?

DMC manages disability claims (both work-related and non-occupational claims) on behalf of employers. We work with the employer to identify early and safe return to work options, reduce barriers, and manage costs.