Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments

Maximize productivity and reduce the risk of pain or injury to your team.

An ergonomic assessment is an evaluation of a workspace to maximize productivity and reduce the risk of pain or injury by adapting the work environment to meet the physical needs of the worker.

DMC’s workstation reviews are completed by either a Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist who will assess the workspace to gather information regarding job demands, job design, the physical environment and the organization of job tasks. A report will be provided following the assessment with recommendations to remove any potential hazards.

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Analysis of Costs

If you contact us, we can provide a free analysis of your workers’ compensation costs. Through this analysis, we can ensure you are using the correct rate code, provide insight about active claims, EEL or long term cases, review detailed health care costs, identify opportunities for cost savings, review refund status, and identify any other possible issues.