Disability Management

With a Disability Manager and a team of experts at your disposal, you have the potential to significantly lower both time and costs.

DMC functions as a virtual Disability Management department for employers, addressing all disability management needs for your business. We represent you on workers’ compensation issues with the goal of reducing claim duration and cost.

Our approach on behalf of clients is to manage and problem solve as a team, which results in knowledge sharing and skill development among DMC personnel. Thanks to this approach and our ample experience, it is difficult to replicate the expertise of DMC’s team within an organization.

As well, we assign one Disability Manager to each client as a primary point of contact. Along with this, our full team of rehabilitation specialists (Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists, et al.) provide support to the assigned Disability Manager whenever needed. With an entire group of experts at your disposal and one key contact to communicate with, we can ensure efficiency and the best results.

In terms of Disability Management, our services include:

  • Management of injury claims
  • Ensuring compensation policies are applied correctly.
  • Reviewing all documentation from the Workers’ Compensation board and health care providers to ensure accuracy and legitimacy.
  • Communicating with injured workers and Workers’ Compensation to encourage a safe return to work as early as possible.
  • Identifying “out of the box” solutions to eliminate barriers to return to work.
  • Corresponding with rehabilitation specialists and healthcare providers to ensure treatment is pertinent to work-related injury and facilitate return to work.
  • Collaborating with team on particularly challenging claims at weekly case consults, in order to obtain varied perspectives and opinions to find the best solutions.
  • Applying for cost relief
  • Comprehensive review of past and current claims to ensure that charges have been applied correctly.
  • Analyzing cost reports and claim details in order to identify incorrect claim charges and present the case for a direct refund or credit to your account.
  • Representing the employers in the appeal process
  • Employers often do not realize they can participate in appeals and are underrepresented during this important process.
  • Employers have the right to appeal decisions they believe to be unjust and incorrect. We work with you to identify appealable decisions.
  • Working with employers to prepare written appeal decisions and to attend hearings with employers or on their behalf.
  • Ensuring your position is heard during the appeal process, since decisions made during appeals affect your eventual cost.
  • Providing return-to-work planning and advice
  • Identifying suitable modified duties within your organization can be challenging. DMC works with employers to identify safe job tasks that enable employees to return to work early after a workplace injury.
  • Our rehabilitation specialists are qualified to create return to work plans to assist workers in progressively returning to their pre-injury duties and hours.
  • Reviewing and analyzing current assessment rate
  • Review of current rate to ensure that employers are placed in the correct code according to their operations.
  • Contacting Workers’ Compensation board to change employer’s rate code to the appropriate group

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