Traffic Control Person

1/2 Day Course: WHSCC Approved

Proper traffic control is critical for the safety of workers, drivers and the general public. Traffic control is
required when traffic must be moved through or around highway or street construction, maintenance
operations or utility work on or adjacent to a roadway. Under certain conditions, construction or
maintenance activity on or along a roadway may require the use of a traffic control person (TCP).
Participants will learn uniform and consistent methods for installing traffic control procedures, to ensure
safety and minimize the inconvenience to both motorists and workers.
DMC’s course curriculum and instructors are certified/approved by WorkPlaceNL. See attached resumes
for confirmation of staff qualifications.

Who Should Attend?
In Newfoundland and Labrador, all persons working as Flag person’s or Traffic Control Persons are
required to complete a TCP course approved by WorkPlaceNL.

Duration – Half (1⁄2) day – Four (4) hours

Class Size – Maximum Sixteen (16) Participants

Module 1: Importance of TCP Training
Module 2: Legislative Roles & Responsibilities
Module 3: Traffic Control Legislation
Module 4: Roles & Responsibilities of TCP’s
Module 5: Traffic Control Devices
Module 6: Work Site Set-Up and Removal
Module 7: Hazards Associated With Working Around Heavy Equipment
Module 8: Emergency Reporting & Response
Module 9: Accident/Incident Investigation

Quiz and Practical Evaluation

Expiry – Three (3) years