OH&S Committee Training

2-Day WHSCC Approved

As per the certification training standard from the Workplace, Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (WHSCC), “the aim of the training is to give OH&S committees/WH&S representatives the basic knowledge they require to fulfill their duties and responsibilities under the and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.”

Effective July 1, 2015, there is now one program for OH&S Committee and WHSR/Ds with a minimum of two-days (14 hours) of classroom time. There is a new Participants Manual and an interactive component, where participants will practice what they’ve learned in a mock OH&S Committee meeting.

Committees/Representatives/Designates must renew their OH&S Committee training every three (3) years from the date of their certification.

Phased-in Renewals:
If you have completed OH&S Committee training prior to July 1, 2015, it is still valid. Through a phased-in approach for moving to the new program, certificate holders have until June 30, 2018 to complete the new training program or re-certification program and the training must be renewed every three years thereafter.

Who Should Attend?
As per WHSCC, “Employers are required to provide training as follows:

  • Workplaces with less than 10 workers shall provide training for a WH&S health and safety representative
  • Workplaces with less than 6 workers shall provide training for a WH&S designate when applicable
  • Workplaces with 10 – 49 workers shall provide training for the occupational health and safety committee co-chairs
  • Workplaces with 50 or more workers shall provide training for all occupational health and safety committee members…”

Two (2) Days

Module 1: Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety
Module 2: Occupational Health & Safety Legislation
Module 3: Occupational Health and Safety Committees/Worker Health and Safety Representatives
Module 4: Hazard Recognition, Evaluation & Control
Module 5: Workplace Inspections

3 Years