Confined Space (Off-Shore)

DMC’s training program is intended to provide the knowledge necessary to reduce the risk of accidents, which result from the lack of knowledge and compliance with standard safe practices, policies and procedures for entry into confined spaces. This course is compliant with the standards set forth by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Who Should Attend?
This program is intended for all personnel that may be working in a confined space in an off-shore setting.

One (1) Day

Module 1: Applicable Regulations
Module 2:  Definitions and Identification of Confined Spaces and their Hazards
Module 3: Hazard Assessments, Hot work & Other Hazardous Activities
Module 4: Confined Space Work Permit and Standard Procedures
Module 5: Operation of Gas Monitoring Equipment & Atmospheric Testing
Module 6: Methods to Safely Ventilate and/or Purge Confined Spaces
Module 7: Isolation Requirements for Substances, Energy &  Equipment
Module 8: Duties of CSE Supervisors, Entrants & Attendants (Entrant Tracking)
Module 9: Overview of Rescue and Emergency Response (Including Rescue   Plan & Equipment, Emergency Escape Breathing Devices and PPE)
Practical Evaluation

Three (3) years