1 Day Fall Protection Re-Certification

WHSCC Approved

Fall Protection Recertification course requires that you hold a current and valid certification for Fall Protection in NL.

Who Should Attend?
This program is intended for both supervisory and non-supervisory personnel that may be exposed to fall hazards in the workplace.  According to the Fall Protection certification training standard recertification is required every 3 years from the date of initial certification.  Therefore, participants will need to be recertified with the WHSCC approved 1-Day Fall Protection recertification training prior to the 3 year expiry.  If this lapses, then participants will be required to participate in the WHSCC approved 2 day Fall Protection training again.

Note: Only participants who have already completed the 2 Day Fall Protection training program are eligible to complete the 1 Day Recertification training program.  If an individual has not completed the 2 Day program since it was introduced as the provincial training standard in 2012 then he/she must complete that program in order to be certified

1 Day

Module 1: The Importance of Fall Protection Training
Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities of Employers Who Develop Fall Protection Plans for the Use of Fall Arrest Systems or Personnel Safety Nets
Module 3: Fall Protection Legislation in NL
Module 4: Roles and Responsibilities of the Employers who must develop Fall Protection Plans
Module 5: Fall Protection System Forces and Clearances
Module 6: The Hierarchy of Controls and the Development of Fall Protection Plans and Safe Work Procedures

Module 7: Types of all Fall Protection Systems, Equipment and Components
Module 8 Fall Arrest System Equipment and Components
Module 9: The Use, Care, Storage, Maintenance and Inspection of Fall Protection Equipment, Systems and Components
Module 10: The General Requirements of a Arrest Rescue Plan
Practical: Inspect and don a harness; Connect to a Lifeline; General discussions on site specific issues; Modules – Test your knowledge (To be done in line with Modules), and Final Quiz

Practical Exercise

Portions of the practical exercise are incorporated throughout the training with a final practical assessment at the end of the two day program. The final assessment includes:

  • Selection of a fall protection system
  • Pre-use visual inspection and completion of a sample inspection form
  • Donning and adjusting the harness for proper fit in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ensuring proper fit/use of fall arrest equipment using a body holding device while suspended

DMC’s curriculum has been developed and approved as per the WHSCC and meets all requirements of the learning objectives.

Proof of completion of the 2 Day program within the last three years will be required.


Three (3) years