Trainer Feature: Jack Wood

November 15, 2017

DMC leads the way in occupational health and safety training, employing only the most professional and experienced instructors. Jack Wood, one of our trainers, sits down with us this week and gives some insight into what drew him to this career.


What is your professional background?
After 32 years, I retired as a Fire Captain from the St. John’s Regional Fire Department. I was a driving force behind setting up medical/rescue units within the department. I also worked as a professional instructor in several subjects, training emergency first responders and CCG ships medics. I also have OH&S supervisory experience in a number of construction projects.


What interested you about becoming a safety trainer?
Through my work as an Emergency Medic/Firefighter I was exposed to a high number of critical injuries and fatalities, some of which occurred in the workplace. I became a safety trainer because I wanted an opportunity to help prevent accidents and injuries.


What is your favorite course to teach and why?
I really enjoy teaching any of the advanced first aid courses. I know how painful and frightening these injuries often are to the casualty, and how critical it is to get prompt and appropriate care on the scene even before medical care arrives. This quick intervention is often what saves the victim’s life and passing on these techniques to potential first responders is crucial.


What activity do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I enjoy spending time on my boat and shipwreck diving. I’ve had the opportunity to dive down to some amazing sights, including some of the World War II wrecks.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to training participants?
Think about your family, and then think of them again. Is the risk really worth taking? How would they be affected if they didn’t have you in their life?